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Concept: 1-3 days

This process starts with the client references and outputs an image that will give our team a good idea of what the end scene needs to look like. Usually this is an iterative process between the client Art Director and our concept team.

Block Out (Previs): 2-4 days

This is where we take the concept and block out the geometry of the scene and get in placeholder lighting at the correct direction so we know where the shadows render. The output of this step can be used for previs since the layout of the scene is fairly set at this point.

Asset Exploration/Creation: 10-15 days

This is where we're able to split up the assets between multiple artists to prepare assets through our extensive library, cleaning up scanned assets, unifying asset material to match the scene style, or creating the custom asset. This process is happening simultaneously with the block out phase.

Material/Shader Work: 3-5 days

In most scenes, there needs to be custom materials and shaders created to get the visual look we're going for. For instance, in this snowy mountain scene, we wanted some spots in the snow to reflect the lighting in an organic manner. This process can get more complicated for highly detailed scenes.

Water, Sky, VFX: 2-6 days

Most scenes have one or more environmental factors such as water, sky, fog, smoke, rain, etc. These need to have custom treatment to match the scene. For instance, the water in this scene needed to be semi-frozen.

Lighting Final Pass: 1-3 days

We take another pass at lighting once the scene is almost complete. This because we know that assets won't move in the scene which allows us to fine tune all aspects of lighting and shadows.

Performance Pass: 2-4 days

Every artist on the team is always cognizant of our performance budget that is allotted early in the scene creation process but a performance pass is needed to make sure that the scene runs smoothly on the clients LED volume.

Finished Scene

This creative process ensures that we're able to make the most impressive and performant scenes while meeting deadlines and exceeding client expectations.


Save on building elaborate physical sets and expensive on location shoots across the world. Get unprecedented creative freedom and flexibility by shooting in real-time with our photorealistic environments on an LED Volume stage.


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